Date: 2018/03/28, 18:00 - 19:30

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Step 1: Your Drama Resilience Assessment (DRA)

How resilient are you? What's your potential?

Step 2: Your learnings from this 90 min webinar:

  • what's positive conflict
  • how to identify negative conflict (Drama)
  • the roles you play in conflict (unaware)
  • how to face drama with Compassion Skills
  • how to create a culture of Compassionate Accountabilty™

You find more information on Leading Out of Drama® on our Website - look at  key4c.comMethoden → LOD...

Conflict is just pure energy!
Use it - for positive outcome!

Certified LOD Provider Batch

Your host: Frank Schöfisch


Your invest

for your personal DRA-Profile1)

+ "Conflict and You" Skript1)

+ 90 minutes Live-Webinar2)

79,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT

1) All documents ("Conflict and You" Skript and DRA-Profile) in english

2) The Webinar wil be held with Online-Meeting-Tool "blizz" (Product of Teamviewer, The customer is responsible to setup his devices.

Conflict & You Webinar 2018/03/28

What happens during and after registration? - Click here to open

  1. register with Name and address
  2. pay your fee with PayPal or prepayment (bank transfer)
  3. invoice and login-information for the Drama Resilience Assessment (DRA) will be send to you within 24 hours after receipt of payment. Please consider this for your payment.
  4. register on the MyNE plattform - the developers of the DRA - Next Element Consulting (USA) - and take your DRA (duration: max. 30 min)
  5. As you finish your DRA we will verify the data and email the "Conflict and You" script and your DRA-Profile (PDF-files; you can find a reader on You must finish your DRA lately 12hours pre to the webinar, to deliver the documents on time! 
  6. With the documents you'll get the login-details for the Live-Webinar. The Webinar will be held on "blizz" by Teamviewer. Please make sure that you have installed, configured and tested all necessary software/apps on your device.

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