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Two keys for your success: create your Leadership and communication in a new dimension!

Walk the talk

Methods – proven in practice – Methods we life.

Face it, embrace it, own it!

It’s about your next step!

Advance impact!

We extend your efficacy – with individual solutions for indivual challenges

WHO is key!4c?

Dr. Uta B. Nachbaur

“An anglicist and an engineer, a personnel developer and an organisational consultant,  that’s the bandwidth of key!4c. Together we stand for long-term experience in corporate management and international experience in consulting and coaching!” “We support you with our expertise, engagement and enthusiasm. What motivates us is YOUR success!. Your profit from working with us: push your potential to high efficacy!”

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schöfisch

WHEN and WHERE be in action with key!4c !

  • 2018/10/4

    Leading Out of Drama® – Facilitator Zertifizierung

    Werden Sie zertifizierter LOD® Facilitator. Die Zertifizierung qualifiziert Sie zur Durchführung von Seminaren und Trainings mit den LOD® Modulen 'Conflict and You', 'Basic DRA' und den 'Leader's Application Packs'

    more ...

Your profit: Face it, embrace it, own it!

We are caring about your next step – for your personality, in your situation. Your facing challenges with energy, sense what is possible. Sustainability occurs when learning is more then understanding!

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